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term of use

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Advology LLC is very thankful to all its customers for putting faith by choosing its services. We endeavor to provide best and instant solution to all your issues. Here is a legal Agreement between you and Advology LLC. Customers are requested and advised to review this agreement with best of your attention. By accepting our services and subscribed to any service plan automatically gives your consent that you agree to the following terms and conditions.


This Agreement declares the terms and conditions that govern your use of Advology LLC offered services mentioned on this website, including content, plans, updates etc. It includes by reference:

  • Advology LLC Privacy policy statement provided on the website.
  • Additional Terms and Conditions.
  • Any terms provided separately to you for the Services.

PAYMENT:Following terms and conditions will be applied for the Service packages purchased. Customers are obligated for paying for the Services offered, until and unless Advology LLC informs you in writing. This Agreement also includes services plan purchasing and payment terms mentioned to you on the website for the Services:

1. Payments will be made in U.S. dollars only irrespective of the physical location where the service has been delivered. Purchasing services and providing the personal information for making payment is the sole discretion of customer only, here customer agrees that he/she is doing such transaction in the best of their sound and aware mind.

2. Mode of payments to QBSOLVE.COM should be one of the following:

i.    credit card;

ii.    Debit card;

iii.    Checking account

iv.   By another payment mode provided to customer in writing by Advology LLC

3.    Services purchased by customer may be suspended or terminated in a situation where your payment information is incorrect or if we find any difficulty in charging for your requested services.

4. Advology LLC doesn’t have auto renewal policy. It’s the sole discretion of customer to renew services, or change its service package by paying the respective amount.

5. Cancellation and Renewal terms and conditions are mentioned on the website with respect to the services offered to customer


Our QuickBooks® certified ProAdvisor® are available 24*7*365 on our toll free no. 1 800 345 2309 All the Services are subject to our refund policy provided on our website shall not be, in under any circumstances, held liable or responsible for any errors or omissions that may occur on this website.


Advology LLC holds every single right to made any changes or publish any additional information regarding content, program, service plans, terms and condition, privacy policy and refund policy without any prior notice to anyone, on Customers are requested and advised to read the following terms and conditions and policies regularly for their own informed decisions. Advology LLC shall not be held liable, under any situation or in any court of law for any changes made on Advology LLC declares no liability for any damages or any law suit made by any customer on the basis of any change, update, or any error on the website of Advology LLC.


Advology LLC is only liable for the amount paid by the customer at the time of purchase of a service plan. Advology LLC shall not be held liable, under any circumstances, for any claim or damage. Customers are given a 15 days refund option. If any customer is not satisfied with our services, they can choose opt-out policy within 15 days and money will be refunded in 5 working days.


Any dispute related to above Terms and Conditions or any policy mentioned anywhere in this website or any transaction held between Advology LLC and its Customer shall be governed by the laws of the State of North Carolina, without regard to its conflicts of law rules. Advology LLC and its Customer give their sound minded consent and here customer by agreeing to terms and condition or any policies mentioned in this website also agrees to the exclusive jurisdiction and the venue of the State Courts of the State of North Carolina, Charlotte, to resolve any dispute with Advology LLC, here the parities other then Advology LLC waives all rights to contest this exclusive jurisdiction and venue of such Courts. Finally, the Customer also agrees not to go for any legal course of action, based upon any legal parameter against Advology LLC that is more than one year old after the date of confirmed Purchased plan.


All content written on the website of Advology LLC including design, text, graphics, and interfaces is the property of Advology LLC and protected by intellectual property rights. Any use of materials by any third party on the website, including copying or reproduce for any other purposes such as exploitation of any kind, without prior written permission from Advology LLC are strictly prohibited. The logo and trademarks of Advology LLC are managed and owned by Advology LLC. All other logos and trademarks showed on website are the trademarks of their respective owners; Advology LLC disclaims any wrong use other then agreed agreement with respective owners.


If any state law which have any tax provisions, Advology LLC is obligated to charge state tax for every purchased service package in the respective state. If you have any questions regarding our Terms of Use, please reach us at

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